"Good girl." Cass scratches her latest conquest behind the ear. A spiked black leather collar, thrumming with a length of golden thread, sits around her neck. That tiny vein of gold is enough to turn a favorite teacher into a panting, obedient puppy. So cute!

"Okay, Miss Applegate." Cassandra kisses her puppy's nose. She unclips the leash from her puppy's collar and prepares her latest masterpiece. A classic black and white maid dress with all the frills she could muster. The only splashes of color were the pink bow and golden thread.

The collar comes off. Miss Applegate's eyes flutter. Her tongue slips back into her mouth. "Cassandra! You should be in detention!" She looked around. "Why am I in your house? I demand a-" The maid cap goes on her head. The gold thread pulses. "-chance to clean this place up!"

"Don't think I'm going to forget how much trouble you're in, young lady." Miss Applegate started folding the pile of fresh clothes in the hamper and putting them away. "As soon as I'm done with this, the vacuuming, and the windows, you are in big trouble!"

"You really should put an apron on, Miss Applegate." Cass motioned to the mannequin. "I'd hate for your clothes to get dirty." She even helps tie it around her waist! The enchanted apron goes on, and another thin line of gold wraps around the teacher's eye.

Miss Applegate doesn't take much prompting to discard her boring grey pencil skirt and white blouse. Frills and lace frame her body elegantly as she brushes from chore to chore. Even her stockings and polished black heels shine with Cass's magic thread.

"Dinner's ready, Miss Cass!" Maid Applegate calls from the kitchen. The center of her eye is completely, blissfully gold. Memories of her silly old job are quietly pulsed away by that lovely golden thread, and she's never been happier or cleaner!