You sit on the couch with your bratty bully brain. You cross your arms and scoff at Princess Grace. "What are you gonna do with that wig, nerd? You can't even see with it on."

She leans on the couch and plops it on your head. "No, but you can~"

You focus on the screen inside. Pink spiral for your right eye, black spiral for the right. A speaker in each ear pumps Princess's perfect program into your head. The black side urges you to be a bad girl (for Princess) and the pink side demands you be a good girl (for Princess!)

As the wig slowly tears your mind in two, Princess changes your clothes. No more leather for you. Only nice frilly dresses! No more chains. Just pretty petticoats. You start to drool, Princess closes your mouth and paints your lips. "You're going to be a good girl today, dear."

The voice urging your brain to be a bad girl fades. The good girl brainwashing gets louder and louder. The black spiral slowly fades to pink. Your head flops to one side. Before long, you start to giggle. You are a good girl! Princess said so!

Soon, the brainwashing stabilizes. There's a pink spiral burning into both your eyes, the same perfect program playing into both ears, and Princess helping you stand on your new heels. "What are we going to do today, Princess?"

"I think we'll go to the park and see what a bad girl does there. Do you know any bad girls?"

"Gosh, Princess! I don't think s-"

Princess snaps her fingers. "Bad girl today." The pink fades to black. The headphones push ever kinkier thoughts into your head.

And then you and Princess have bad girl sex on the balcony. The end.

A two-tone wig, pink on the left and black on the right, that covers the wearer's eyes.