"Welcome, one and all, to Lady Grace's Salacious Somnambulist Show on this fine All Hallow's Eve! I'm here today with my lovely volunteer, Candy. We've never met before, have we?"

Candy shakes her head. Her rainbow wig shifts around a little on her head.

She brushes her poofy blue dress into place and watches Grace strut around the stage. "Nope! I've been hypnotized a lot, though, so maybe I just forgot." She shrugs.

"I'll have to make sure this is a night to remember for the rest of us, then!" Grace laughs and produces a single crystal on a string. She sends it swinging in front of Candy's eyes. She locks on to it. Her body starts swaying immediately. A dreamy smile spreads across her face.

"Back and forth, dear. Back and forth."

"Mmm, back and forth. I'm a good girl~"

"Indeed you are, Princess Candy. Every breath you take brings you deeper and deeper under my control. I bet you love being controlled, don't you~?"

"It's my very most favorite thing~!" Candy bounces. "In fact, I-"

Suzuki whispers two quick words in her ear. Candy's mouth falls shut. She collapses against Grace's body. Guess they had met before~

"Good girl. In fact, you're the best girl. When I wake you up, you'll be the prettiest princess in all the land. Unfortunately, it's an awfully hot day, and all you have to cool you down are the Popsicles your loyal subjects have for you.

Whenever you hear one say 'Popsicle', you'll get down on your knees and get licking. It's the only way to cool down." Candy didn't have to be told twice to suck whatever she could find.