A riff on the Daikatana ad, but it says 'Graceful Spark's About To Make You Her Horse'.

Graceful Spark trots a brisk circle around her latest victim. Looking them up and down and occasionally swatting with her tail. Her hooves clippity-clop against the Spark and Bean's wooden floor. "Well, a lot of this is unfortunate." She steps on their toes on this lap. "I didn't know you could get isekai'd wrong. Weird. Fortunately, it's fixable."

They try to run out the door when Spark leaves to throw a few oversized switches. It's locked and guarded by a maredermaid, of course.

"Dear, please. This is for your own good. We won't get to Equestria Girls for a year or so, and even then, it's not like the humans come hang out in Ponyville. They're barely normal about zebras, I think they're gonna have a hard time with fingers and toes."

Beans drags them back to their seat just in time for the Horsefemmer Deluxe to finish booting. "Don't worry, dear. You'll make SUCH a pretty pony when we're done with you."

The final switch is thrown. Spark cackles. A red and gold beam focuses in on its victim. Their fingers merge into soft little hooves. Their feet stomp on the ground until their shoes slip off to reveal a matching set of gay little marshmallow hoofers. Spark whispers in those perky pony ears about how they're SUCH a pretty pony and how they're SO happy here in Ponyville and how they're SO good at-" A beat to check their cutie mark. "-magnets? Weird. Everypony loves your maregnetic ponysonality."

They nod, empty little smile spreading across their snout.

"Good girl. You'll fit right in."