"Okay, girls!" Millie claps her hands at the front of the bus driving into the forest. "Phones off for the whole weekend! There's no service out in the woods, and we're gonna get to know each other!" Millie has been the queen bee of every group she's been part of her entire life. She's been captain of the cheerleader squad more years than not, and she looks the part. Big red ribbons tying her hair into twin blonde buns. Half the girls here didn't even want to go until she strong-armed them into it.

Including Tina. Tina wouldn't even be on Millie's radar if she didn't know how to make really good brownies. She had a plastic-wrapped paper plate of them in her bag because she knows how Millie is when she doesn't get what she wants.

Being around her for a weekend is hard enough when she's in a good mood. Tina pulls her phone out to check it one last time before Millie comes around. The network indicator at the top of the screen flashes pink.

The screen crackles for a few seconds. Every pixel flashes to life, each one beaming a different part of its payload into Tina's head. The volume shot up to maximum and the air filled with what could only be described as "modem noises that make you a good girl".

Everyone on the bus glared at Tina while she scrambled to turn her phone off. The screen sends one last swirly, pink pulse into Tina's mind. Just enough to let a certain cute virus take hold. Not much- really just a pink-haired spark.

Enough of a spark to slowly start a blaze in Tina's mind.