"Silly girl. Look at the mess you made." You, of course, spent the day in a foggy pink haze. You'd knock stuff over with your big, clumsy boobs. And you'd never try to pick it up, because you'd chant those wonderful words: "The maid will get it."

You'd brush pillows off the table, leave clothes lying on the floor, and knock over vases. A silly girl like you is much better at being arm candy and a good little toy than you are at anything useful.

The next day, you awake naked and blank. Your natural state.

Princess tugs you out of bed. She lifts your arms and tugs a work shirt over your head. Nice, wide lapels. Like a waitress. But you're not working for just anyone. You're working for Princess, and for free! She ties your apron on and dusts your cheeks with blush.

Princess sits you down in front of the mirror and picks out a wig for you. Your bedhead vanishes inside a wig cap and you're soon looking back at the perfect housewife. Her straight purple hair cascading onto her shoulders. Princess tugging the big red bow into place.

A snap of her fingers brings you out of doll mode.

A good housewife can sense a filthy home! You leap into action, pulling on your pink rubber gloves and heading right for the sinkful of dirty dishes. What would Princess do without you?

Grace putting a purple wig with a big ol' bow on it on a blushing housewife girl!

Art by CorruptveSpirit!