Quarter Viper's arcade, The Viper Pit, has an excellent prize counter. Once you've emptied your wallet into the machines and lost your free will to all those lovely, glowing screens, you have a wad of tickets to spend. Or, more likely, spend according to your new programming.

If you spent your bottom dollar rescuing a princess, that flowing pink dress feels pretty good. If you just beat Dirt Blaster 2000, you make a lovely maid. Most Viper Pit visitors become good little mascots for the arcade until she lets them go.

A girl like Viper has to keep the prize counter stocked, of course, and she liked to try new things. One of the new things thrummed in her hands. A nice new kigurumi for the 3600 ticket tier. A cursed bodysuit, mask, outfit, and wig for the discriminating, yet hypnotized, fan.

It thrummed in her hands. wisps of fel purple magic slipping into her body. Her mind started to fog. New words wandered into her ears. "Try it on~" They urged. Viper's eyes went dim and soon lit up with brilliant pink spirals as Kigurumistress took control.

Viper's retro 90s teen look vanished beneath Kigurumistress's plain bodysuit.

The second skin came on and turned off silly little Viper for the time being. The wig stuck to her head and shrouded those silly old Viper thoughts. The mask came on, and Kigurumistress was in charge~

They share time these days, so if you fall into the Viper Pit, you never know if you'll wind up one of Viper's mascots or one of Kigumistress's hypnotized anime drones.

a 3-step TF sequence, with a hypnotized radical Quarter Viper putting on a bodysuit, a blue wig, and eventually ending up in a schoolgirl animegao kigurumi.

Art by Vyctorian