"The neural pathways are already there." I explain, tapping a deck of flash cards against the table. "We took care of that while you were out. But in order for them to properly integrate and replace whatever the hell you had going on in there before-" You can see your file poking out of a manila folder in front of me. Someone wrote "real mess" in red pen. "-we have to do some training."

I flip over the first card. It says "Street you grew up on."

"Don't think too hard. Should be easy, what with all the drugs. First thing that comes to mind."

"Dixon Lane." The words come out. That's, uh, not where you grew up. I guess it is now, it's not like the old information's there any more.

I flip over the card and grin across the table. "Good! Just four hundred and ninety-nine more to go."