Princess found out you're a magical girl, and has been tinkering with your wand behind your back for weeks. When you head out with a flimsy excuse to go fight crime, Princess waits for you to leave and sneaks out behind you. When you pull out your wand, you don't notice the subtle circuit traces flashing over its surface and tracing otherwise imperceptible cracks. It only took a little viral touch to, well, you'll see~

You raise your wand in the air and shout "Princess Power Make Up!" You rise into the air, shining and glowing as usual. You first notice something's wrong when the ribbons that normally tie back your hair and turn into your weapon start to slip inside you.

Your usual pink, shining light pulses with Grace's glittering circuitry. The siren song of her modem noises pours into your ears and bonds with your brain. A piece of your girlfriend's viral consciousness merges with your righteous magical girl energy.

Your skirt shortens. Pink and white give way to black and green with circuit traces to match. A pink streak shoots into your long blonde twintails. Ones and zeroes flood your eyeballs, transforming them into Grace's green and blue spirals.

Your skirt moves down and your top shrinks to show off your midriff- and the symbol freshly etched into your belly. A big heart tattoo with circuit traces stretching all over your body tells the world who you belong to while it trickles sinister electric power into you.

Your weapon, formerly a bow, turns into a nice, sturdy whip. An opal embeds itself in the handle. A scheming smile curls onto your black, glittering lips.

You land, finally finishing your transformation. Your shifting, swirling eyes lock on your target.

You show your shiny new fangs when you smile. You handle the whip skillfully, as if you'd used it all your life or a certain someone overwrote useless chunks of your brain with training. You wrap up your target and pull them on their knees in front of you.

You grab their chin and watch them squirm as their fight fades. They'd much rather watch your swirling eyes. You yank them into a kiss, and their last traces of resistance turn into happy, horny drooling. You lash your whip into a collar for you and Princess' new pet.

You bow before your perfect Princess Grace, and she pets both of you. "Good girl. Let's get some food and see what else you can do with that whip~" You moan when Princess touches you. Her attention turns immediately into raw, unfiltered bliss. Even more than before~

Your markings light up with raw bliss and you happily pay for Princess's burrito before you go home and see what new levels of pleasure you can reach with Princess's programming merged with your mind. Just thinking of what she can do with her mind embedded in your every cell~


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