Sure, you say you don't want to be bullied, but we both know you'd rather have an orgasm and a wedgie than neither.

Also, when you're hypnotized, you say all sorts of things. Things like "Thank you for bullying me, Princess! Make me lick your boot while I masturbate! Pull my hair! Break my glasses and swat my books away! Take my lunch money! I'm your nerd slut!"

A big nerd like you needs her glasses. When Princess takes them off, you lose your big, silly nerd brain and turn into a dull, slutty girl. She'll hold them above her head and watch you clutch at her chest until your eyes go dim and you start stroking.

And then she puts them back on and her big, silly nerd is all embarrassed. I'll tease you for that too, of course.

All while you moan and whine all "Thank you for making me your hypnotized nerd slut, Princess~" and she steps on you and sits on your face and you know there's no way you're getting your homework done tonight. <3

This was supposed to be one of those anti bullying after school specials where the bully becomes nice after, but I decided to split the difference by making you worship me while I wore a pink frilly lolita dress.