Princess Grace plugs her laptop into the back of your neck. Your whole body stiffens and sinks into the couch. "Hmm, what do we have here~?" She teases.

"Your head's so stuffed up. Stuff scattered this way and that. How's a hacker supposed to find all your secrets?"

Her fingers fly across the keyboard. "You're lucky I got to you first, dear. Who knows what a naughty girl would do to your brain? She might give you a fetish for hacker blondes poking around in there. Or she might do something more insidious."

"She might, oh, I don't know, start running a web server on there so anyone could poke around in your brain. They wouldn't be able to change anything, but imagine everyone you know reading all your secrets. They'd know all your fetishes."

"Especially any new ones this gorgeous, dastardly hacker would slip in. Not that you'd know the difference. As far as you know, you've always gotten impossibly aroused when someone pokes your nose and calls you a good girl." She unplugs the cable from your neck.

You can move around again. "Anyways, enjoy your new update!" She kisses you on the nose and goes back to work.