It was your turn to do the dishes, but you didn't. Grace turns off the TV in the middle of your show. When you turn around to complain, you come face to face with her crystal. Your words catch in your throat while she talks. "Am I the maid here?"

"N-no, Princess." You choke.

"That's right, dear. Who's supposed to do the dishes?"

"I am, Princess."

"And who is responsible for keeping this house clean?"

"I am, Princess." Princess smacks your hands away from your cock. You know you don't get to touch without permission.

"And what happens when my little slut doesn't clean up?"

"Slut's brain turns off, Princess." You clench your thighs together.

"That's right, dear. Three. Two. One. Brain off." Snap. Your eyes flutters shut. You go limp.

Princess takes your hand and leads your empty body to the bedroom. "Good sluts strip." She says, and you do. She gives you a polka-dotted dress, some high heels, and plops an elaborately styled blonde wig onto your head.

You obediently pull your stockings on and step into your high heels. You swish your petticoats around your legs. "You're a good little housewife, and you love to clean almost as much as you love your perfect Princess." She kisses you on the lips.

Your eyes flutter open and you grab your favorite vacuum cleaner! You kiss your perfect Princess on the lips and get to cleaning. "Gosh, who let this place get so filthy? Don't worry, Princess! I'll pick it right up!"

You do this adorable thing where you kick up one leg when you kiss Princess. It's a shame you don't remember when you go back to being normal you.