They know what they're getting into, of course. It's why they gaze into my eyes while I straddle them on the couch. It's why, as their body sinks deeper under my spell, all they can do is repeat Princess's words. "I'm Princess's pretty dolly. I'm Princess's hypnotized cosplay slut." Every time I snap my fingers, they repeat.

"I'm Princess's pretty dolly. I'm Princess's hypnotized cosplay slut."

Soon, I don't even have to snap. They repeat it all by themself. Like a good little hypnotized cosplay slut. I let them repeat themself deeper and deeper under my spell while they help me get changed. I let them remove my jacket and unzip my pants. I step out of my underwear and let them stare, transfixed, at my cock. Their mouth hangs open. It gets harder and harder for them to repeat the mantra.

"I know, dear." I give that cute, empty head a pet. "You love my cock so much. I know it dominates your thoughts and drives out any other ideas. I know even a whiff of my balls reminds you that you're my hypnotized cosplay slut. I know it penetrates down to the primordial lizard part of your brain and reminds it that you crave my dick more than anything. And that is why, if you're a good little hypnotized cosplay slut-"

"I'm Princess's hypnuhtizzd cosplay sluhh."

"-you'll get to suck Princess's perfect cock. You'll get to rub it all over your face and lick it and suck it and swallow whatever comes out. Nod when you understand." I have to help my doll nod. "And what are the rules of a good little hypnotized cosplay slut?" I snap. It sits up straight. The rules come out clear and crisp.

"One. A hypnotized cosplay slut is always deeply hypnotized. Two. A hypnotized cosplay slut is always deeply in character. Three. A hypnotized cosplay slut is always deeply Princess's perfect plaything." They immediately flop back into the couch.

"Perfect, dear." I reward my hypnotized cosplay slut by guiding its lips to my cock. Just a kiss. It's going for a lick when I put the maid cap on its head. Another snap makes it sit up straight. "Princess wants faer happy little maid."

She giggles and bounces to her feet. "Dress-up time again, Miss Princess?" I nod and name the characters we're doing today. She bounces off to the closet. "Oh, I'm going to love this one, Miss Princess! I hope I get to remember it."

My maid does all the hard work, of course. Tucking my hair under the wig cap and fixing it in place with bobby pins. Stealing kisses when she thinks I'm not looking. Picking out cute underwear and trying not to let my cock turn her brain to mush. Helping me step into the dress and zipping it up in the back. Doing my makeup just so. She's in the middle of appreciating her handiwork and gushing over how pretty Miss Princess is when I pluck the cap off and help my maid drift back to sleep. I hold her chin and help remind her of the mantra.

"I'm Princess's pretty dolly. I'm Princess's hypnotized cosplay slut. I'm Princess's pretty dolly. I'm-"

Princess's hypnotized cosplay slut repeats while I work. I move its limbs and freeze it in place when needed to help it into the clothes. I call it by the character's name and remind it of her personality. Today, it is the awkward, bookish nerd dating the ravishing Princess with the flaming hair beyond compare. A nerd who's far too smart to be hypnotized, and thinks the whole idea is, frankly, a little silly to begin with. Just because she lifts her skirt whenever Princess snaps her fingers doesn't mean anything! She'd do anything for Princess anyways, after all, so the idea of having her mind messed with is… as completely unnecessary as it is undeniably erotic! Oh, if only she could work up the courage to ask- no, beg!- Princess to brainwash her!

The last of the makeup goes on, the wig is affixed, and the glasses slide on. Any delusions of a silly old life are dismissed and put away for later. The new name is asked for and quickly given. A kiss on the nose seals any remaining doubts and a snap of my fingers wakes her up. The first thing she sees is her Princess's smiling face, the first thing she thinks is extremely gay, and the first expression she makes completely fails to hide that fact.