You had a nice day being Princess's cheerleader, and now she wants to try something new. A smile spreads over your face as you watch Princess's crystal and sink into trance. "Doll mode", she whispers. You awake and see this in the mirror. Who does your brain decide you are?

Your thoughts settle into place. You have a cute, tough name like Nea. You cross your arms and swish your tail. You're a smart, tough girl. You definitely don't fall for Princess's tricks like hypnosis- as if that nonsense worked on anyone.

Sure, sometimes you lose a few minutes when she whispers in your ear. When she tugs on your tail, you feel like kissing Princess, but she's so pretty and kissable. There's nothing wrong with referring to your Perfect Princess Her Highness Grace by her full name. Feels kinda good.

When she pulls out her crystal pendant, you roll your eyes and swat it away. Princess can be so silly sometimes. Not like you. You're all business.

Especially when Princess tugs your ear and mutes your voice. Totally normal. Happens to everyone. Good girl.

Oh, and everyone gets horny when they say Princess Grace's name! Saying it once or twice sends gets you stroking. Soon, you're chanting it between cute little moans. You're the weirdo if you don't get this way about Princess Graaacemph~

Nea, a pretty tough looking girl with a cat tail, regular ears, and a pair of twirly hair horns on her head. Her tail and head hair are all pink, white, and brown, like that three-colored Neapolitan ice cream.

Nea by PumpkinSugar