Walking home late at night? Naughty naughty. You never know what you might come across. You might start wondering if you should call a car before you hear a soft hissing echoing from one of the countless dark alleys. The sharp scent of spray paint fumes burns your nose hairs.

You pull your shirt over your nose as a filter and hurry past. A voice calls from behind you. "Aren't you gonna look?"

You walk into the alley. A girl in a striped pink hoodie sandwiches her skunk tail between her back and the wall.

She tucks her can of spray paint into her pocket. "Well, what do you think?" You look at her, then behind her. Expertly painted onto the wall is… you. Same clothes, same hair, but featuring a big, fluffy skunk tail that bounces above your head. Signed '<3, Lulubelle'.

You point at it, confused. She smiles. "Well, we can fix that." You hear the can spraying behind you. "How's that?" She presses your soft new tail against the back of your head. You turn around to take a look and it's so hard to think.

She's smothering your brain into silence with your big new skunk tail. A different kind of spray soaks into your soft new tail. Not paint. Sweet and seductive. Soaking into the lovely tail you always had. Rubbing your cute little ears.

Every breath fogging your cute little skunk brain more and more.

She pushes you onto your butt. Your tail threads between your legs and presses against your face. You breathe in lungfuls of mind-melting musk and sink further into your own tail's soft embrace.

You barely notice when Lulubelle tugs on your tail and leads you out of the alley. Your head is full of her divine musk, and your hands are wandering into your pants.

You're too brainwashed to do anything but get kinda aroused by being led down the sidewalk in the middle of the night by your big, fluffy skunk tail. By being told what a good punky skunk you are. And by coming your brains out on a statue she doesn't like in three, two, spray~

Lulubelle, a skunk-themed human wearing a pink hoodie with round skunk ears and having a big fluffy black and white skunk tail. She's in front of a spray-painted 'punk skunk' background.
Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere