Night fell. Everyone gathered around the campfire. Roasting their hot dogs and their marshmallows. Tina spread out on one of the logs surrounding the fire pit, showing off the new pink streak and highlights in her shiny black hair and the delicious bulge in front of her skirt. The dirty blonde streaks in her hair had faded for now. "You look different, Tina." One girl said. "Did you do something different with your hair and penis?" Gracetina scooted in close. Hand on shoulder. Leaning in close. A little pink spark jumped from lips to eardrum to brain, and she soon dropped the question like a good girl. A dreamy smile spread across her face and a thin pink ring wrapped around her irises. She even got a pat on the head for her troubles.

"Okay, girls!" Millie smiled and clapped her hands. "Let's go around the circle and tell scary stories! I'll start." Millie told a pretty standard flashlight-under-the-face story where the teenagers get menaced by a guy with a hook hand. When the rest of the girls gasped, Tina just laughed. "What, does Little Miss Library think she can outdo me just because she found the right end of the hair dye bottle?"

"Oh, I know I could." Gracetina stands up. The fire illuminates the fishnet stockings and suit jacket that just glitched into existence. Tina's "Books!" T-shirt poked out from underneath. "I will need a volunteer. Would you do me the honor, Miss Millie? There's a brownie in it for you~"

"Just don't be too weird. And no cameras!" She glared at the audience. They looked at each other like 'she remembers she took our phones, right?'

Gracetina chuckled. A brief flash of glitched pink lightning puts a magic wand in her white gloved hand. She taps it against Millie's temple. Pink circuitry traces down the side of her head. It pulses when Gracetina speaks. "Inject literal 'I'm not going to worry about that. I'm a good girl.'"

"I'm not going to worry about that. I'm a good girl." A blissful smile spreads across Millie's face. Thin pink circuit traces crawl into her eyes.

"Background load module Magician's Assistant. Alias name 'wakey wakey'. Foreground load module Dressup Dolly. Save and reboot." The circuitry pulses, casting brief, flickering flashes on Gracetina's smiling face. Millie's eyes roll into the back of her head for a moment as her brain is reprogrammed. Gracetina pulls the wand away and wakes Millie with a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome back, dear. Did you have fun?"

"You didn't do anything, nerd." Millie crossed her arms and scoffed. She shot a little glance at the giggling audience. They stopped.

"Of course I didn't, dear. You were only out for a moment. There's no way I could have made you a life-sized doll with no mind of her own, becoming whatever she's dressed up as. Even if we stripped you down, there's no way you'd be a empty-headed doll for me to play with."

"What are you talking about? Nothing happened! If you're all going to be weird about this, show's over. I'm goin-"

The wand swiftly cut down her backside. Millie's shirt and skirt fall to the ground, leaving her standing in her plain white bra and panties. Her mind seized up. Without her clothes, how would a silly dolly like her know what to be? "Going to what, dear~?" Gracetina teased. "Oopsie, did I empty your head?" She tapped her wand against Dolly Millie's head. A clear ceramic "clink!" rang out. "Yep, sounds empty to me! Now the fun can start."

She looked out at the crowd. They were starting to exchange worried glances. This was something more than a silly party trick. Gracetina winked and stomped her black high heel. A wave of pink circuitry energy pulsed along the ground and into each girl. They all got a flash of pink around their eyes, just like Millie. "Good girls enjoy the show. They get hornier and hornier with each passing moment. If they're really lucky and good, Princess might call you up on stage~" There they go. Now they're not going anywhere. They lean forward, eager to see just what will come next.

Tina, wearing her suit jacket, black skirt with bulge, and fishnets and a black head of hair with pink highlights, is tapping a wand against Millie's head. Millie has twin blonde hair buns, is wearing a cheerleader outfit, and her tongue is sticking out as pink circuitry stretches across her head and makes her eyes glow pink and her tongue stick out.

The same, but the circuitry is glowing

Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere